Life is the art of drawing without and eraser.

My approach to the healing arts is to help clients find the source of their physical, emotional and/or spiritual pain, then working together, gently release it. Many of us have been taught that something is wrong with us or we are broken. My belief is that everyone is Whole and Amazing; they just need help remembering it.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnosis is simply focused attention and a life skill you were born with. As a child have you ever daydreamed, imagined or pretended? Hypnosis or trance is a highly creative state where your mind is more open to learning and making the changes you desire so all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. All of the great thinkers and scientists of the past like Einstein, Galileo, and Mozart used trance to create amazing things.

For any change you want to be permanent, it has to be made on your subconscious level. Since hypnosis creates a direct access to the subconscious mind, it is the most powerful means for making lasting change.

Through guided imagery, repetition of phrasing, and using carefully crafted narratives, I create the space and conditions for you to relax until you are in a theta brain wave state. In this state of mind you are highly open to the suggestions you want and want to allow. You will automatically reject anything that doesn’t serve you as we work in a partnership!

In-person Hypnotherapy Sessions are performed at my Studio.

Distant Hypnotherapy Sessions are done via Zoom.

Allow 60-90 minutes.

Cost is $150 for your first session and $100 for additional sessions, pre-payment only – cash, check or PayPal.

All sessions are confidential.

Touching The Light Session

A Touching the Light Session addresses all nature of being and of living, past present and future. We as humans are essentially made up of layers and layers of harmonics, much like a symphony. As we go through our lives, sometimes those harmonics become out of tune, and when they do, we might experience physical mental, emotional and/or spiritual issues.

We might also collect energies from others or our environment that can affect our health and life in general. Touching the Light holistically addresses every aspect of our being, Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. It also helps us to return to our original harmonization, or balance, and brings us back into universal rhythm.

When we are vibrating in harmony with the One, we are more able to see our way clearly through the journey of life and of our soul. We are in balance, we have more wherewithal, more internal and subtle resources of which to draw from.

As a Certified Touching the Light Practitioner, I am a conduit to the Divine. I have worked hard to address my own issues and approach hands-on client sessions as a clear vessel for assisting your needs. As a practitioner I allow the very perfection of our source of grace to flow freely from the Divine. This divine energy is intelligent. It knows what to do and where to go. Any resistance on the part of the client deters, misdirects or even blocks this perfect energy from reaching its intended goal. Ultimately all healing is up to the recipient.

Touching The Light Attunement sessions are scheduled at 10 am or 1 pm Central Time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

It is best for a distant Touching The Light Attunement to be relaxed and comfortable.

In-person sessions are performed at my Studio.

Allow 90-120 minutes for a Touching The Light Attunement.

Cost is $150 per session, pre-payment only – cash, check or PayPal.

All sessions are confidential.

Living Light Initiation

Living Light Symbols that, when utilized, create a living hologram of symbols in your etheric field. The symbols, once laid out, position themselves in a holographic format. Once the symbols have completed their aligning and balancing, your etheric field receives an initiation that initializes the ascension process of your soul and encodes your field with teachings and instructions of extreme high frequency data that becomes part of your etheric field. Once initialized, your field then becomes more receptive to universal information, reorganizes its communication patterns, and recognizes the way home to your origin using an ascension process that had been forgotten by human beings eons ago. The Living Light Symbols are just that: Living Light that carries the teachings and initiations from the heart of the infinite. The Living Light Symbols also include layers that attune every organ and system in the physical body.

The Living Light Symbols are referred to in the Nag Hammadi Gospels, in the Gospel of Truth. These Gospels are over 2,000 years old. Having the Living Light Symbols records your name, your universal frequencies into the book of the Father, The book of Light, and within that, The Book of Names. It is only those whose names are listed who will hear the Call of the Father in every respect, and particularly, to return home when it is time. Many souls have become lost along the way, and this powerful initiation will encode you in the Living Language of the Father, the Language of Light.

Living Light Initiation sessions are scheduled at 10 am or 1 pm Central Time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

It is best to be relaxed and comfortable for a distant Living Light Initiation.

In-person sessions are performed at my Studio.

Allow 60-90 minutes for a Living Light Initiation.

Cost is $175 per session, pre-payment only – cash, check or PayPal.

All sessions are confidential.

Shamanic Journey • Intuitive Session

As a designer, I know the power of creative energy. Like drawing with a black permanent marker, the choices we make sometime affect us permanently. Untruths we accept, paths we take, beliefs we hold on to, impact ourselves, our health, and people we love. Like art, our lifetime can be our greatest masterpiece or a disappointment.

As a naturally gifted, professionally trained Master Seer and Certified Energy Worker, I help individuals discover the answers to what’s holding them back, then help them create the quality of life and success’ they desire. This personal reading will help you find the answers to your life experiences. Doesn’t it make sense to have the awareness and answers to make choices that create your ultimate design? You.

Distant Intuitive/Shamanic Guide phone sessions are scheduled at a convenient time.

In-person readings are performed at my Studio.

Allow 60-90 minutes for a Intuitive Session or Shamanic Journey

Cost is $100 per session, pre-payment only – cash, check or PayPal.

All sessions are confidential.


What do I wear to an in-person session at your Studio?

Wear comfortable clothes so that you can be relaxed.

Most of all, be open to the changes you’re requesting from the Universe and enjoy!

How do I prepare for a distance session?

Choose a location where you won’t be disturbed and wear comfortable clothes so that you can feel relaxed. Many people play soft music and have a safe candle burning.

For those of you having a Touching The Light Attunement or a Living Light Initiation, I will text you a row of hearts when the session begins and again when it is complete.

Both distance Touching The Light Attunements and Intuitive/Shamanic sessions will receive a call after to discuss what was cleared/found in your etheric fields.

Most of all, be open to changes you’re requesting from the Universe and enjoy!

Are you certified?

Yes! I am a natural intuitive but felt the need to become officially trained and certified in a variety of modalities so that I can help people depending on their walk/beliefs in life. In 1999 I started professionally teaching Hatha Yoga then Chakra and Usui Reiki classes. I am presently interested in quantum physics and the regions of the brain. This is my passion, I love to help people.

Certified Touching The Light Practitioner
Seer Mastery, Shaman Mastery
Intuitive Mentorship/Apprentice
Energy Worker Certified
Registered Karuna® Reiki Master
Reiki Crystal Healer Certified
Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher


Touching The Light Attunement
Living Light Initiation
Graphic Design
Shamanic Guide

Toni Baumgartner