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I’m happy to see you here.

Toni Baumgartner, CHt +


I help people.

Energetically and creatively. My mission in this lifetime is to love, to create and to empower.

As an Intutive, Designer and Teacher I help clients live a more joy filled, expansive life. For 30+ years I’ve been helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals and find the answers they’re seeking. Click the button below to learn about how I can help you.

I offer Intuitive & Wellness Sessions

Your lifetime is short, decide to experience all the joy & energetic health you can!

My approach to the Healing Arts

Careers, relationships, our health are energetic experiences we are having in this lifetime. Sometimes our experiences are fun and easy, other times very difficult. During the challenging times our energetic, mental and physical bodies can develop blocks from a variety of ways through stress, unexpressed emotions, unspoken truth, fear, anxiety, etc.

Our approach is to help clients become aware of the source of their physical, emotional and/or spiritual pain, then working together, gently release it. I am trained and certified in a variety of modalities and assist the Divine Masters in choosing the perfect session for each person.

Many of us have been taught that something is wrong with us or we are broken. Our belief is that everyone is Whole and Amazing; they just need help remembering it.

It’s important to find a Great Designer who’s intuitive.

What? You’re a designer too? Yes, for 20+ years my passion has been both the healing arts and design.

As a child I loved art and helping people find answers and make connections in their lives. Later in my graphic design career, I used my gift of “knowing” to go deeper and bring the essence of my client’s business or service to their brand. Highlighting the very fabric and texture visually, was the sensual piece my client’s buyers wanted to experience.

If you’re a business owner, career professional or enjoy being seen and believe in your potential to do something really great, you need a brand that reflects your style, energy, personality and attracts people to your company and you! When a copy and paste from the internet is not enough, click on the button below to see what we’ve done.

Large and small group presenter on a variety of subjects that enhance your gathering’s intent, just inquire!

I offer Intuitive & Wellness Classes


Shamanic Hypnotherapy Session
Touching The Light Session
Living Light Initiation
Shamanic Journey
Intuitive Session
Graphic Design & Branding


(320) 522-0813

Toni Baumgartner, CHt